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LATE SUMMER SPECTACULAR 2GALLON GRN WATERING CAN GAL TROWEL PATCH GAL 2X PRM CRACK FILLER REG $699 SALE EVERYDAY LOW PRICE EVERYDAY LOW PRICE $497 $999 $1249 $1499 $697 $997 - 2 Gallon, Green, Classic Watering Can Recyclable Plastic, Includes 1 Nozzle Gallon, Latexite Trowel Patch, Smooth Asphalt Patch For Shallow Asphalt Repairs, Fills Low Spots & Depressions, Cracks & Joints, Applied With A Trowel Or Straight Edge. Latex-lte 2X Gaon Premium Crack Filer, Acrylic Latex Rutber, Vinyl Polymer Blend, For Asphat & Concrede, Fast-Dni Formula Dries 2 Times As Fast Litfe As 4 Hours.2 Times Wide, UpTO 34, Lasts 2Tmes As Long, 2-3Year$, 5GAL AIRPORTGRADE SEAL 5GAL PRM PLUS SEALER 4' BAMBO0 TORCH ASSTD EVERYDAY LOW PRICE EVERYDAY LOW PRICE REG $199 atex SALE $2199 2$300 Latex-he. 5 Galion, Airport Grade Re-SurtscerSealer, E-Z Stir, Fast Drying, OneCtxIte, 5 Gallon Premium Plus Driveway Sea Rubberized Prolessional Grade, Rich, Deep, Black Firish, Mass Crack &Void Filler Polymer Fortified For Longer Wear,Stronger, More Duability, Sid Resistant Fomula 4, Promotional Red, White & Blue Bamboo Torch, Refillable Fuel Canister, Fiberglass Wick & A Fire Retardant Finish, Assorted Colors: Red, White & Blue, Corrugated Display Box. Resists Gas, Oil & Elements, Protects, Waterproo BoautifioS, 2 Year Warrant Contractor Emusion, Rubberized, 4 Year amanty LEGEND GAL JUG 11.6LB MATCH BRIQUETTESGAL 4X1 LIQ CHLORINE REG $1149 SALE REG $399 SALE REG $1299 SALE $697 $297 Gallon Jug, Side Pull Up Grips On Spout, Flip Spout Design For Sipping & Pouring, BPA Free, Sturdy Swing Up Bail Diablo Match Light, 11.60 LB Bag. Match Light Charcoal Briquettes, No Lighter Fluid Needed, Ready In About 10 Minutes, Sure Fire Grooved. Gallon, 4x1, Liquid Chlorine. Smart Swimming Pool Chlorine, 10% Strength, Use To Disinfect Swimming Pool Water & Prevent Algae Growth In Your Pool, Can Also Be Used For Other Disinfection& Stenilization Applications, Active Ingredient Sodium Hypochlorite. Handle, Wide Mouth Opening For Filling & Red Body, White Lid & Handle, 7.25'L x7.35 Wx 7.62 H WP 7" BLK 2SPD PERS FAN GTV 12V TIRE INFLATOR GREENLIGHT LED 9W/60W EQUIVALENT LIGHT BULB 15,000 HRS DIMMABLE REG $1299 REG $1499 SALE SALE $697 EVERYDAY LOW PRICE GTV, 12V Tire Infiator With Gauge, 9 Power Cord With Fused 12V Plug, Plugs Into Standard Vehcle OutletĀ·0-300 PSI Inflates Standard Car Tire In 8 Minutes, Built-in Dial Pressure Gauge, Easy Storage With Convenient Compartment, 15.7 High Pressure Hose, Indlu Westpointe, 7, Black, 2 Speed Personal Fan, Slim DesignBa Ball Needle, Raft&Toy Inflator Nozzle & Presta Valve Adaptor. hoit lo At: carrlstruevalue.com Behind every project is a... 78 N. Elm Street Torrington (860) 489-1122 er STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat & Sun 8am-5pm SALE ENDS 8/31/17
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